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CJ Nelson MILO (6'3-6'9) 3 Fin FCS Thunderbolt Black OFF WHITE/CARBON RAIL

CJ Nelson MILO
Brand: CJ Nelson Designs

Available Sizes:

6'3 X 21 3/4 X 2.6 V41.18
6'6 X 22 X 2 11/16 V45
6'9 X 22 1/4 X 2 13/16 V49.9


The MILO is a versatile performance fish surfboard designed to deliver a dynamic surfing experience. Its modern performance rails, single to double concave bottom, and flat rocker profile make it one of the most versatile surfboards in the range, offering fun in all types of conditions. Whether you're into drawing tighter lines or stepping down from a longboard, the MILO provides a high level of maneuverability and control.

Key Features

  • Modern performance rails
  • Single to double concave bottom
  • Flat rocker profile
  • Versatile size options


  • Enhanced maneuverability and control
  • Dynamic surfing experience in various wave conditions
  • Suitable for surfers looking to draw tighter lines
  • Ideal for transitioning from a longboard to a more maneuverable surfboard

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