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LOST GLYDRA (6'10-7'6) FCS II Black Sheep Burgundy

$995.00 USD

Lost Glydra

Brand: LOST
Fins: FCS II
Construction: BLACK SHEEP

Size Range

6’6 X 20.63 X 2.66 V38.50
6’10 X 21.63 X 2.77 V44.00
7’2 X 22.00 X 2.9 V49.75
7’6 X 22.50 X 3.00 V55.00

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Product overview

The Glydra from Lost is a surfboard that combines the best features of a hybrid fish and a mid-length glider. It is made of polyurethane foam and fiberglass cloth with polyester resin, which is the most common and traditional type of surfboard construction. It is designed for beginner to intermediate surfers who want to ride waves that are ankle- to waist-high.

Key Features

  • Futuristic, snowboard-inspired rails
  • Diamond-tailed fish outline
  • Length and volume of a mid-length
  • Five fin box setup


  • These rails are thin and sharp, which allow the board to cut through the water and turn easily. They also help the board to maintain speed and stability in different conditions.
  • This outline is wide and curvy, which gives the board a lot of surface area and buoyancy. This makes the board easy to paddle and catch waves. It also helps the board to glide smoothly and generate speed on small waves.
  • The Glydra is intended to be ridden around 12 inches longer than your height, which means it has more length and volume than a typical shortboard. This makes the board more forgiving and versatile, as it can handle different types of waves and maneuvers.
  • The Glydra has five fin boxes, which means you can choose different fin configurations to suit your preferences and style. You can use a single fin, a twin fin, a thruster, a quad, or a five-fin setup, depending on how you want the board to perform.


Learn more about Lost Glydra:

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