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Lost RNF 96 (5'7) FCS II BlackSheep Black


The Lost RNF 96 in BlackSheep construction is a versatile and high-performance fish surfboard designed for a wide range of surfers and wave conditions. Its unique construction and design make it a top choice for surfers looking for a reliable and enjoyable surfing experience.

  • Construction: Lightweight 1.5lb virgin EPS with advanced "Triax-NCF" (Non-Crimp Fabric) high-quality carbon fiber, resulting in a fast, responsive, and lively surfboard.
  • Flexibility and Strength: The board is both lightweight and flexible, yet surprisingly strong, with added buoyancy and stability due to its construction.
  • Design: The RNF 96 is inspired by the original fish designs from 1996, with a focus on high-performance, competitive minded, twin fins.
  • Rocker Curves: The rocker curves remain engrained to the original proven curves.
  • Outline Curves: Both nose and tail were usually the same width at 12" and remain true.
  • Fins: The board comes with a thruster setup, allowing it to be ridden as a twin plus one, a pure twin fin, or with all three standard thruster fins for different conditions and a more performance feel.
  • Suitability: The RNF 96 is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders, offering an all-around, rip-able fun machine for a wide level of surfers.

Check out the RNF 96 in Black sheep construction blog post for more details

$920.00 USD

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