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Lost Smooth Operator (6'8-7'4) Double Dart FCS II



The Lost Smooth Operator is inspired by our journey through the evolution of mid-length surfboards, from the "Lazy Toy" and "EZ-UP" to the more recent "Crowd Killer." However, unlike its predecessors, the Smooth Operator is crafted to offer the effortless glide and horizontal trim characteristic of a classic mid-length, without sacrificing the ability to execute dynamic turns. Its design is a nod to the Wayne Lynch/Evolution inspired vee bottoms and rounded noses, making it not just a surfboard but a piece of surfing heritage adorned with the iconic Lost or Mayhem logo.

Key Features

  • Exaggeratedly Low Entry Rocker: Ensures smooth paddling and an incredible glide across the water, making it easier to catch waves and maintain speed.
  • Forward Wide Point and Thickness Flow: Optimizes volume distribution for stability and buoyancy, enhancing wave catching ability and ride quality.
  • Symmetrical Nose and Tail Width: At both 12” and 24”, this unique feature contributes to the board's balanced feel and versatility in a variety of wave conditions.
  • 4+1 Fin Setup: Offers a myriad of fin configuration options, allowing you to tailor the board's performance to your style and the surfing condition

  • High Volume, Low Rails: Designed for fun and ease of use, the Smooth Operator is a trim and turn machine that excels in a wide range of conditions

Whether you're looking to cruise on small waves or carve up the face of larger swells, the Lost Smooth Operator is engineered to elevate your surfing experience. Its blend of classic design elements with modern surfboard technology makes it a standout choice for surfers of all levels. Embrace the smooth ride and exceptional versatility of the Lost Smooth Operator, and make every session one to remember.

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$1,110.00 USD

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