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Experience Classic NoseRiding with the Taylor Jensen Special T

NoseRiding with the Taylor Jensen Special T


Designed for intermediate surfers and for smaller surf in the 2-3 foot range, the Special T generates speed and turns on a dime - hiding high performance in a traditional longboard outline. The Taylor Jensen Special T brings a retro longboarding feel to modern waves. This board is for walking up to the nose and tipping the tail with ease.

Carefully shaped by legendary board builder Dan Mann, the Special T features an exaggerated flipped-up tail rocker that allows you to lock in and pivot off the tail. The rails are pushed back 50/50 with an extra edge towards the fins, preventing sliding out while tip riding.

Dan Mann integrated a deep teardrop concave that produces lift under the nose for easy takeoffs. This combines with single fin drive and pivot off the tail. Taylor Jensen runs a 10-11 inch Flying Diamonds Power Drive fin.

At sizes 9'0" X 22 3/4 X 3 V73.4 L and 9'6" X 23 X 3 V78.1 L it has the flotation to excel when waves are small and crumbly. The hard rail edge gives you more up and go off the takeoff and allows you to drive turns off the rail rather than flop side to side.

While very much a nose-riding-focused shape, the Special T retains a loose, lively performance. The wide point is moved forward and the nose outline is pulled in, reducing swing weight for hanging five or ten. The single fin can be driven hard off the tail.

Taylor Jensen Special T Noserider

Photo By @joshbernard_

Smoothly transition onto the nose and walk forward with confidence thanks to the scooped nose concave generating lift. The relaxed rocker enables long, stable glides across the face. Get all the trim and hold of a classic 70s template with a tighter, more maneuverable feel.

The SPECIAL T is made for surfers looking to maximize small conditions and nose ride in something lively. It trims easily yet creates its own speed to turn on demand. The glide and control add up to effortless fun in summer surf.

The Special T excels when waving tipping, and gliding flow. Intermediate surfers can unlock stylish nose rides with this pivot-friendly retro twin fin. It brings out the best of hanging ten in fun, crumbly waves.

 Taylor Jensen Special T

Photo By @joshbernard_


What are the different features of the Taylor Jensen Special T? 

  • Exaggerated flipped-up tail rocker for easier pivoting and tipping
  • Rails pushed back 50/50 with an extra edge by the fins for control
  • Wide point moved forward with pulled-in nose outline to reduce swing weight
  • Scooped nose concave for lift and relaxed rocker for glide
  • Single fin setup that can be driven hard off the tail

How does the Taylor Jensen Special T compare to other noseriders on the market?

The Special T sets itself apart with design elements optimized specifically for intermediate surfers learning to noseride. The exaggerated pivot-friendly tail rocker and rails with a harder edge make tipping and redirecting the board very intuitive. It retains more lively performance compared to traditional heavy noseriders.

Who is the Taylor Jensen Special T for?

This board is ideal for intermediate surfers looking to progress their skills and master the art of nose riding. The design makes balancing on the nose and tipping the tail very approachable. It excels in waist to chest high surf.

What are some of the pros and cons of the Taylor Jensen Special T?


  • Tail rocker allows easy pivot motions
  • Rails give control during turns and on steeps
  • Reduced swing weight enables hanging 5/10
  • Lift from concave for walking forward
  • Retains loose, lively feel


  • Still challenging for complete beginners
  • Not ideal for larger overhead surf
  • Only offered as a single fin option
  • Precise conditions maximize its strengths

Taylor Jensen prides himself on board performance - speed, maneuverability, liveliness. The Special T brings out the best of these attributes in its longboard design. Smooth rails, single fin drive, and concave work together to deliver intuitive performance across a variety of small waves.