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Green Gobbler Fixed My Clogged Kitchen Sink!

Green Gobbler

Green Gobbler Fixed My Clogged Kitchen Sink!

Over the weekend, I had a minor crisis at the house that many of you can probably relate to.


My kitchen sink stopped draining—both drains on both sides! I have a garbage disposal system in my sink, and I’m guessing that it got clogged up. Unfortunately, it was the weekend, and no handimen were available to come work on the sink. And I knew that getting a plumber to my house on the weekend would be super expensive. So, I decided to try to fix it myself!

I have had clogged drains in the bathroom before, and previously had good luck using a product called Green Gobbler. It contains an enzyme that you pour down the sink that eats up grease and liquifies any hair that is stuck in a drain. I figured it might also work for the kitchen sink, so I headed to The Home Depot and got a package of Green Gobbler. You can get either liquid or powder form, and I like the powder form better, because it foams up and seems to work well.

Clogged Kitchen Sink

The package I bought cost $9 and comes with three packs of powder. I poured one pack down each drain and then left it alone for 15 minutes. When I checked it, it didn’t seem like anything had happened, so I added another half of a packet each to the two drains. After another 15 minutes, I poured some boiling hot water that I had prepared on the stove down both sinks. At first, nothing happened. The water didn’t drain, and I was worried that the Green Gobbler hadn’t worked. But then 10 minutes later, my wife called me and told me that both sinks were empty! I poured the rest of the hot water down both sinks and they drained perfectly. Once again, the Green Gobbler did the trick!

I was super stoked to be able to fix the sink on my own for only $9, instead of wasting a number of hours and a lot of money having someone come in to roto-rooter out my pipes. If you ever find your sink plugged up, it might be worth trying out some Green Gobbler before calling the plumber. Who knows—it might just wave you a lot of trouble!