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The New and Improved Sweet Potato from Firewire and Dan Mann (April 2022 Newsletter Part 3 of 6)

The New and Improved Sweet Potato



While Dan Mann has proven himself to be a master shaper of all types of surf craft, it was the Sweet Potato that first made him a household name. A short, wide, volume-heavy groveler with straight rails and a deep double concave that effectively “splits” the board in half in order to allow it to turn and transition from rail to rail, the Sweet Potato was an instant hit with anyone who found themselves stuck surfing tiny longboard waves but not wanting to ride a longboard.

Now, Dan Mann has updated his popular Sweet Potato model with a new swallowtail and further refined his bottom contours to make the board even more responsive and user-friendly—without sacrificing any of the surfboard’s speed while paddling and flying down the line.

FIREWIRE Sweet Potato by Dan Mann

The new Sweet Potato comes stock with five fin boxes, providing the option to ride it just about any way you please—as a thruster, twin, quad, and even quad+nubster.

Built for weak to average waves in the one- to four-foot (face) range, the Sweet Potato comes in Firewire’s patented Helium construction, which utilizes the ultimate in space-age technology to produce a board that is ultra-light and fast, but without sacrificing speed, strength, or durability.

The semi-stepped deck provides increased volume while still keeping the rails thin for responsive maneuverability, while the full volume in the nose allows you to ride a super shortboard without sacrificing speed on even the fattest of sections.

As winter peters out and we look forward to the long lulls between summer south swells, the new, updated Sweet Potato is the obvious answer. Stop thinking of “groveling” as a bad word, and instead prepare to have fun no matter what the conditions look like.