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The Great White Twin by Firewire Surfboards

Introducing the Great White Twin in Volcanic Technology: Where Shark Meets Surfboard 🌊

Surf’s up, fellow wave enthusiasts! 🌊🏄‍♂️ Firewire Surfboards is thrilled to unveil its latest creation: the Great White Twin.

Designed in collaboration with the legendary Kelly Slater, this board promises an thrilling ride that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear.

The Great White Twin: A Fusion of Power and Precision

Are you ready to ride the waves like a predator? Look no further than the Great White Twin, the latest sensation from Firewire Surfboards. Inspired by the sleek outline of the mighty Great White Shark, this surfboard is a game-changer. Let’s dive into the details:

 Kelly Slater Surfing

Unleash the Beast: What Makes the Great White Twin Roar?

  1. Hybrid Paddle, Shortboard Performance: The Great White Twin combines the best of both worlds. It paddles like a hybrid, yet performs on rails like a shortboard. Say goodbye to compromise – catch waves effortlessly and carve with precision.
  2. Speed in Weak Waves, Control in Powerful Waves: Whether the swell is a gentle ripple or a roaring monster, the Great White Twin adapts. It generates speed even in lackluster conditions and maintains control when the waves flex their muscles.
  3. Pocket Rocket: Tight arcs, punchy pockets, and quick wraps – the Great White Twin thrives in these scenarios. Its hidden volume at the center, coupled with fine rails, ensures lightning-fast responses. You’ll feel like you’re dancing with the ocean.
  4. Twin Fin Magic: Imagine the speed of a twin fin paired with the responsiveness of a thruster. That’s the Great White Twin. It glides effortlessly, yet snaps into action when you need it most. And that elevated tail rocker? Pure magic for your backhand maneuvers.

Firewire Great White Twin Surfboard

The Genesis: How the Great White Twin Came to Life

Picture this: Kelly Slater, the legendary surfer, and Mike Woo, the Bali-based shaper, huddled over a folder of shark photos. Inspired by the Great White Shark’s form, they traced its outlines – both from the top and bottom views. These contours became the blueprint for the Great White Twin.

Mike Woo of Woo Surfboards


After fine-tuning the design on their computers, they cut the first shape. Kelly paddled out, caught a wave, and declared it “perfect from the first go.” And now, after meticulous craftsmanship, the Great White Twin is ready to conquer the waves.

Firewire Great white twin by kelly Slater

The Slater Designs Great White Twin in I-Bolic Technology with Volcanic Lamination

A sustainable lamination alternative to carbon in performance shapes, Volcanic Lamination adds enhanced response and deck durability to both I-Bolic and Helium Cores. 'Volcanic' references basalt: a naturally occurring rock that occurs from hot lava cooling after it breaks through the earth's surface. We make basalt cloth by extruding fibers from basalt rocks and then crushing and melting them into woven fabric that is vacuum bagged and laminated with bio resin. 

Volcanic Technology

volcanic tech lamination

  1. 4 OZ Basalt Layers: Woven into the composite skin, these layers provide the backbone. They’re like the sinewy muscles of our surfboard.
  2. High-Density Core: A 3mm (1/8") high-density core ensures stability and responsiveness. It’s the heartbeat beneath your feet.
  3. E-Glass Reinforcement: The secret sauce – E-Glass adds extra oomph to the mix. Think of it as the turbo boost for your waves.
  4. Aerospace Composite Springer: This is where the magic happens. The springer, infused with basalt, propels you into the stratosphere of surfdom.

Firm, drivey and reassuring underfoot, I-Bolic excels at enabling drive, hold and precision. It suits powerful surfing in good waves and is a favorite of Kelly Slater and the Slater Designs team.

I-Bolic engineering creates a core with three separate points of flex control including an I-Beam down center for unrivaled break strength, and high-density foam in both rails from nose to tail.


Great White Twin by Kelly Slater


Dive In: Surf the Great White Twin

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a wave-hungry newbie, the Great White Twin awaits. Surf it at your performance volume or push the limits – just slightly more. Get ready to ride the swell like never before. 🤙🏄‍♂️

Try the Great White first, 5'11 Demo available. Book Now!