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Firewire Cymatic Surfboard Review

聽Cymatic Surfboard Review

Here is Matt McMullen's review of the Slater Designs Cymatic surfboard after testing it out on the North Shore. Matt is an experienced surfer from Huntington Beach who normally rides hand shaped poly boards. For this trip, Matt rented a 5'5" Cymatic model with the new Volcanic construction. At 5'10" 155lbs, the small size provided a very loose, fast feel. He opted for the Eric Arakawa futures fins in a thruster setup. Matt found the light EPS volcanic construction made the Cymatic extremely quick and responsive, especially for its size.

The combination of drive from the thruster fins and the strategically placed channels delivered sharp turns and speed to blow past sections. Even in windier conditions, the Cymatic stayed controlled thanks to the precise engineering. Matt was able to bury the rail confidently and execute tight maneuvers in the pocket. He attributed the lively feel to the board's light weight build and the familiar Sci-Fi inspired tail outline. After two weeks testing out the Volcanic Cymatic, Matt is very impressed by its blend of speed, drive and loose performance. It exceeded his expectations of how a small, eps board would handle and he's now sold on the advanced construction.

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