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Firewire's Tomo REVO: The Future of Surfboard Design

Firewire's Tomo REVO

Firewire REVO Surfboards

If you're a surfer, you're likely familiar with Tomo's boards. Known for their futuristic, symmetrical design and all-around rippability, Tomo's boards have become a favorite among surfers of all skill levels. One of Tomo's most popular designs is the EVO, a board that blends down-the-line speed with a rounded nose and decreased swing weight to create a great groveler for small waves. But now, Tomo has taken the EVO to the next level with the release of the REVO. 

The REVO features Tomo's vee quad concave, which Firewire calls "the cutting edge in performance hull design." This bottom contour is designed to go faster than anything else you've ever ridden, while still being incredibly maneuverable. The vee down the middle of the board has been deepened, giving the REVO faster and more nimble transitions rail-to-rail, without sacrificing the ability to keep it on rail through huge power carves. The board's outline has also been refined, providing a bit more curve that works well with the increased rocker, leading to more aggressive turns in the pocket. 

Firewire REVO

The REVO comes stock in sizes ranging from 5'4" (26.8 liters) to 6'2" (44.2 liters), with five fin boxes so that you can ride it as a quad (highly suggested, as it matches well with the deep central spine), thruster, or 2+1. But the REVO isn't just about its performance on the water - it's also built with Firewire's newest technological advance: the Ibolic construction.

The I-bolic construction replaces Firewire's LFT construction and provides up to 35% more strength without sacrificing speed or weight aspects. This new construction also makes it possible to accommodate more complex bottom contours, such as the deep vee quad concave of the REVO. This means that the REVO is not only designed to perform better, but it's also built to last longer. 


Scott on his Firewire REVO



In conclusion, the REVO is the next level of surfboard design. With its futuristic design, advanced bottom contour, and new construction technology, it's a board that's sure to take your surfing to the next level.

So, if you're looking for a board that's not only fast and maneuverable but also built to last, the REVO is the one for you.