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Firewire’s I-BOLIC Construction

Firewire has spent the past year innovating newer, better construction processes for its wide range of boards—which is pretty impressive, since it already led the industry in futuristic tech. The latest option is the Ibolic Construction, which replaces the LFT construction.

Ibolic was designed around the fact that many of Firewire’s more futuristic shapes had pretty complex bottom contours, particularly the vee quad concave bottom used on many of Tomo’s boards. This “performance hull” contour is quite involved and is difficult to glass with a bottom skin, which was the typical process used for the LFT boards.

Check out the Ibolic Construction on the Tomo REVO, which is the newest, most advanced update of Firewire’s super popular Tomo EVO.

Firewire Ibolic Construction

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