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Hawaiian South Shore's December Newsletter


David Kelly | Owner, Hawaiian South Shore

The support when you are underway on a ship between shipmates was something that kept your sanity, especially during the holidays. I was in the Navy prior to coming to Hawaii. Our home Port was in Yokosuka, Japan. During my time aboard (4 years), we were mostly out to sea. The longest we were in our home port was 3 months. The guys that were married with kids, had it tough. We’d spend a few weeks off Russia, then zoom down to another place for some operation with the fleet. I remember one Christmas in the Persian Gulf, we were protecting the Kuwaiti owned Oil Tankers and we were underway for a while. Everyone was getting depressed because we weren’t able to pull into any port for some time off. What made it worse was that we didn’t get any packages for close to 4 weeks. Everyone was anxious to get something for the holidays. We were just about 1 week from Christmas and the mail came in! Everyone was super stoked to get something, especially some goodies. It sure brought everybody’s spirit up and the whole ship had some good, positive vibes going. My package didn’t come until after Christmas. In the beginning, I was really bummed. But, it was strange, so many people had such good energy that it actually made it bearable. That taught me a lesson. The energy around you is super important for moral support. I hope you project positive energy so much that it transfers to the people around you!


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The premium suits for many surf companies use Real Japanese rubber and manufacture the suits in Japan. Don’t mistake brands that use Yamamoto Rubber as the same suits such as the Straw Hat Suit. Yamamoto Rubber in Japan is considered junk rubber that is made in Taiwan. I know this because I used to make the Amsterdam Wetsuits in the U.S. for Joel Tudor at one time. Every year, the rubber in Japan is upgraded and this year, the rubber is softer and has less air pockets in the neoprene, making them less susceptible to creasing from folding the suits. We’ve been selling them for a little over 5 years and we stand behind the suits with a 30-day money back guarantee. Come down and see why customers rave about the suit. Most are still using the suit they bought 5 years ago with no dry cracks and the elastic is keeping its shape. The zippers are specifically made by YKK zippers for the ocean conditions. GROWING CORAL? It’s pretty cool to see the things they can do to help the environment these days. I remember spear fishing with my uncle and father in Okinawa and the coral seemed lifeless. We used to snorkel around and see a lot of different colored coral, but now almost 75% of Japan’s biggest coral reef has died from bleaching. Check out this article I found online, from dated January 2017. You can read it over here. The reef, located in Japan’s southernmost reaches, has become “extremely serious” in recent years, according to the Japanese environment ministry, whose survey of 35 locations in the lagoon last November and December found that 70.1% of the coral had died. The dead coral has now turned dark brown and is now covered in algae. BUT… A team of scientists has developed a new method of restoring devastated reefs using ceramic dishes to grow coral from transplants. Mineo Okamoto (Marine Biologist) is leading one of the largest coral resto- ration projects in the world. His team has used an ingenious technique to plant 13,000 pieces of coral. A system of ceramic dishes which allows the coral larvae to stick to it when the coral spawns. This protects the young coral, allows it to grow and we can then use it for transplants.  All this takes place underwater in the coral’s natural environment. I also read that there are people here in Hawaii that are working to figure out a way to restore the coral. It’d sure be nice to see that lively coral in my lifetime! REVIEW OF THE DONALD TAKAYAMA HALO 4-1/2” QUAD SETUP

To see if the testimonials are true, try your own through us!

I usually ride a 9’2” epoxy Hap Ja- cobs, my cousin Jimmy Gusukuma of Rainbow Drive Inn hooked me up with it. I saw a testimonial on your website about the Halos, I was interested, so Jim said he had a 7-1/2” center that I could try. I put it on and loved it, the pivoting, along with the ability to drive down the line, I was sold. I asked him how much he wanted for it? He said that I could have it. I was so stoked I came to your store and got the side bites to match. I have been rippin’ ever since. Jim also loaned my son Chase a 6’8” Takayama which was made for a friend of his. My son wasn’t using it so I began riding it. I loved the feeling of maneuverability and quickness, but on bigger waves I could feel the fins breaking out and sliding. So, I figured why not try the Halos, it was a Takayama shaped board so why not. As it turns out, they’re great. Made some good hard turns in bigger waves. Thank you to the petite Asian girl who helped me with the chart. I never even noticed before that the sides were different from foiled centers vs half foiled, flat inside outers. So, thank you Hawaiian South Shore for making another one of the boards I ride, perform even better.


Gerald Inenaga

Pictured above is Gerald buying his new Harley Ingleby. To get your own, you can access our site here, as well as by clicking his image.

When and what got you into surfing? I got into surfing in 1959 at age 4 next to the Waikiki wall. My father’s friend, old surf buddy and Tai Chi Master Attuck (Sam Kekina), pushed me into some waves and I was hooked. My father started taking me to paipo board Waikiki until I was in the 7th grade. We lived in Kuliouou Valley, so I started surfing from Portlock Point to Wailupe with my friends.

Did you have a time you weren’t surfing? If so, when and why did you start back up?

The only time I wasn’t surfing was when I was recovering from a surfing or sport injury.

Outside of surfing what do you do for fun?

I like to play my guitar and jam with my friends. I also play golf once in a while with my brothers.

What do you do for work?

I’m retired from the Honolulu Fire Department.

What board(s) did you get from us recently? Since March of this year, I’ve bought the Ingleby 7’2” model, Lost Puddle Fish, Ingleby HIHP Round Square and 9’3” cruiser.

Why did you decide on this model and size?

I was diagnosed with arthritis over ten years ago in my hands, ankle and knees, so it influences my board choice on certain days.

How did it surf and what did you like about it? I just picked up the cruiser model so I can’t comment on it. The rest of the boards work great for their intended purposes.

What size fins and set up are you using? Have you tried other fins on the board?

The Puddle Fish is my go to Diamond Head board. It can grovel better than my puddle jumper up to head high. It likes big fins up front so I settled on panchos and bigger quad rears or smaller rears and nubster. The Moe model is a great utility board that works from grovel to overhead. I’ve settled on Luke Egans fronts and mayhem quad rears. I’ve just bough new fins from you that I haven’t tested yet. The HIHP works better when it’s chest high to over-head when conditions are good. So far, I haven’t used it enough to decide, but it worked great with the Harley Thruster set or with smaller quad rears. Note: the carbon HIHP needed some breaking in, it felt more flexible the more I used it. Anything else you want to add? I want to thank David, Brett and the crew at Hawaiian South Shore for their time and assistance they have given me. Mahalo. MENISCUS PRESERVATION Spencer Chang, MD | Sports Medicine | Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon at Straub Clinic | WSL Orthopaedic Consultant The meniscus is a cushion in the knee that helps to evenly distribute forces across the joint. Without the meniscus, arthritis will set in quite rapidly. There are two menisci, a lateral (outer) and a medial (inner). When the meniscus tears, it can cause catching, locking, and painful irritations that make it difficult to do squatting, twisting and pivoting activities like surfing. It wasn’t too long ago, where certain patterns of meniscal tears would routinely be treated with partial meniscectomies, or partial excision and smoothing of the menisci. This resulted in less meniscus or cushion. Now although arthroscopic partial meniscectomies can be very successful, the procedure leaves less functional meniscus, and theoretically less cushion for the knee joint. From research, we know that patients with less menisci or less functional menisci will develop arthritis more quickly, and the cartilage will wear down. With the new types of implants and suturing devices available, previously irreparable meniscus tear patterns can now be fixed, and all arthroscopically. Although there are implants like the Collagen Meniscal Implant or Allograft (cadaver) meniscal transplants, nothing beats your own meniscus. The recovery for a meniscus repair is longer than a partial meniscectomy (4 months versus 4 – 6 weeks). But in the end, I think most people would rather have their own knee for the majority if not all of their lives, than needing a knee replacement, where you have to be careful how you surf to make sure it lasts. At Straub Medical Center, the Sports Medicine Surgeons like myself (Dr. Spencer Chang and Dr. Nick Crawford), strive to preserve and restore cartilage as much as possible. In many cases, this means we’ll repair meniscal tears whenever possible, which is becoming much more often than not. For an appointment call the Straub Bone and Joint Center at 522-4232. Just say Dave from Hawaiian South Shore sent you! Also, if you have any questions shoot me an e-mail at We had so many people join our new Platinum Rewards Membership last month! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! We are super stoked that you folks appreciate our offering of 10% back and 20% off on your Birthday month. If you did not join, it’s a one-time fee of $20 and you get hooked up! THE HYPTO WAS THE #1 SELLING BOARD IN THE WORLD!

You can access the site to order your own Hayden Shapes board by clicking above or >here!/p> The Holy Grail Outline has been designed to bring more performance with a better fit in the tighter areas of the wave. This is achieved by narrowing the nose width, but extending the length of the rail line ahead of your front foot. This gives you a longer or greater connection for carving, but added curve to ensure it will fit in the tighter curves of the waves.

Bringing more surface area to the tail area of the board was also introduced to increase planing speed in smaller, flatter waves. The key feature of the tail plan shape is the side cut (inverted outline), which introduces an aggressive curve to the rail line of the board, affecting your surfing when on rail and late in your turns. This contrasts the flatter rocker profile, which is designed to give a very fast and continuous speed profile to the board. WHAT’S NEW AT HAWAIIAN SOUTH SHORE?

JS Surfboards, now available through us!

If you read last month’s newsletter, you know we’re getting the JS Surfboards in. About 6 or 7 years ago, we were heavy into JS Surfboards. They were one of the very first to come out with a stringer-less Carbon Railed board. All the boards were coming in from Australia and the quality was awesome. After several years, JS started working with a distribution company in Southern Cali. As they transitioned into Cali, the quality started going downhill and we stopped carrying the board. We had so many people asking for the board, but we totally pride ourselves in the quality we sell in the shop. I’d feel bad knowing we’re selling junk quality. Well, after a few years, sales totally dropped and they brought production back to Australia. For the past 6 months or so, a few of our good customers came in telling us about how strong and flexible the HYFI technology is and we really got interested. One good customer that is 6’ 2” and 220 pounds has been riding his HYFI Blak Box II for almost 6 months and has had no pressure on the deck. Mind you, he surfs at least 4 times a week. That made up our minds, so we contacted the local rep and wrote up an order. We have two models coming in. The PSYCHO NITRO, a swallow tail, small wave board. The swallow tail is one to get for control and tons of drive! The other model we are getting is the BLAK BOX II ROUND TAIL. This is an every- day performance board with a round tail for harder turns and drive. Oh, yes. What is the HYFI? It’s an Epoxy board that gives you more spring, speed and acceleration. It’s stronger and 20% lighter than PU. The floatation, according to testers like Dusty Payne, felt it was only just enough to notice a slight increase in buoyancy and ease of paddling, but not enough to warrant making any changes to dimension or overall volume. COCONUTS ARE NATURE’S LITTLE MIRACLES

Vissla Boardshorts

Each year, the Earth gives us more than 20 billion coconuts to use as we please. Most of the time, the inner portion of the nut is made into food, medical and cosmetic products. The outer husk is considered waste and discarded; only to be transported to sit and rot in a landfill. This is an inefficient process that brings unwarranted harm upon the environment. It turns out that coconut husks, blended with polyester are a perfect material to make boardshorts out of. Thanks to a process called Cocotex®, the overlooked “waste” is turned into an activated carbon fabric. The properties of this fabric are everything you could ever wish for in a pair of trunks. Vissla uses Cocotex® and Repreve certified yarns. Cocotex® stretches, breathes, fights odor and lasts for years!



The ultimate body and facial exfoliator products!

Ocean Sunglasses

Only at Hawaiian South Shore. These sun- glasses are developed in Europe and made for fishing, boating, surfing and more. UVA/UVB polarized.

Takayama Halo Longboard/SUP Center Fin Smoke 8.5”

If you longboard or SUP, the Takayama Halo Fins are highly recommended. It’s been our #1 selling fin for over 10 years. Enjoy more speed and easier turns than any other fin on the market.

Give the gift of a Christmas Stocking filled with surf accessories any surfer will want! Come down and check that out for a deal! REAL SUN COVER MAKES FOR A PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT! Real Sun Cover, the Natural Sunscreen we’ve been selling for 5 years now, has great reviews. It’s a perfect gift for Christ- mas. The Stick and liquid is SPF32. We helped developed this formula with a Chief Formulation Chemist in Colorado. The stick took over 3 years to figure out. We get a lot of questions if SPF32 is enough. I got in touch with our formulation contact and here is what he had to say:
Some manufacturers claim SPF 50 or more for ‘mineral’ sunscreens, but often will use other ingredients in the formula that either are somewhat UV active, but not approved sunscreens chemistries (which are often not UV stable and actually increase oxidative damage), or use anti-inflammatory ingredients that suppress the normal erythemal redness response that too much UV absorption induces, which is also an unsafe practice. Unfortunately, the regulations aren’t sophisticated enough to recognize these issues with formulas. It’s also very easy to bias up the SPF evaluation test because ‘redness’ is scored by a human eye, and the scorer can have a different opinion of what constitutes ‘redness,’ especially if the test is run by a company’s marketing department. This can result in higher SPF values, even though the real SPF value is not that high. There are a lot of problems out there. We use the max allowable zinc oxide concentration and I’ve never seen it more than SPF 35. We have an independent lab do our SPF testing so there’s little opportunity for conflict of interest.
Thank you for your email. The board is awe- some!  I’m a believer and pro-Libtech! Yes, I was skeptical at first, as I am a traditional short boarder, and not used to the width and extra volume on the nose. However, after having tested the board out on this past swell, it’s super flexible. I was surprised how well it handled on both late takeoffs and bottom turns into a vertical snap. Mahalo nui loa for your kind hospitality. Please relay this message to David as well. I’ll be sure to write a positive review online. Hawaiian South Shore rocks! Cheers, Blythe
I was super stoked and to be honest relieved that she was very open minded and gave the board a shot, so I emailed her back and she responded:
Today I took my board (PJ) out to North Beach and surfed for three hours. It was small, but just like you said, PJ can handle in waist to overhead conditions. She performs so amazingly. I’m super stoked. Thanks again!
YES! Super stoked and Yep we totally believe the Puddle Jumper is a fun and versatile board. d_vengo: Thanks for the shout out! Loving the board! hwnsouthshore: Yeah! Right on, thanks for letting us know. Super stoked Jamie O’Brien dropped in with his girlfriend, Annika Bauer. Follow us on our Instagram: hwnsouthshore.


Mike Olsen | Founder of Libtech

I was feeling exhausted for over a year and the more I exercised, it seemed like I was going backwards. I had several heart attacks a few weeks ago while surfing alone up the East Cape of Baja. My heart attacks were the most standard ones you read about: numb upper arms, hard to breath, and feels like someone is stepping on your chest. Of course, I ignored the “symptoms,” but after 8 attacks (most happened in the surf at the beginning of the session), my wife luckily got me to go to the emergency room for a check-up. I was immediately rushed by ambulance   to another hospital to have 3 stents placed in my heart. I was 80% and 90% closed in my arteries. It’s weird because I exercise and eat a heart healthy diet every day. My naturopath sent my blood back to Boston-Heart for a full study and the results were interesting. My overall cholesterol was in the low/good range and my blood sugar was excellent, my main concern was slight vascular inflammation. My theory is that this was likely caused by holding onto stress, and eating   too many Brazil nuts. I had been eating 30-40 raw Brazil nuts per day for over 2 years, for their health benefits (selenium). I recently googled selenium poisoning and learned that over 6 Brazil nuts per day goes into the toxic range. I think I had severe selenium poisoning. I had almost all the listed symptoms. The last stage of poisoning says a heart attack. Thus, likely the cause of my inflammation. Wow I am lucky to be alive. I quit eating Brazil nuts. After the 2-day stay at the hospital to get my stents in my heart, I now feel fantastic. I have so much oxygen now and can paddle much easier! Stay healthy! CHRISTMAS SALE IS IN FULL EFFECT! December 10 – 24, 2017
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Stewart Redline 11
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